10 Dos – Everyday Cycling

  1. Do cycle instead of taking public transportation. It’s faster, it’s cheaper (I save £7 a day commuting), it’s better for the environment, it counts towards your recommended exercise…
  2. Do take a bottle of water and a snack (banana, energy bar, chocolate) if you’re going to be riding for 40+ minutes
  3. Do carry a puncture repair kit and a pump
  4. Do make sure you understand road signs – most are obvious, some less so: don’t become a danger to others through ignorance.
  5. Do stop at red lights
  6. Do get out of the city – a ride around the park, a ride into greenery (suggestion). It’s refreshing and reminds you why you love cycling.
  7. Do learn how to patch a puncture and change an inner tube
  8. Do reprimand irresponsible behaviour – I believe strongly in this. If a driver opens their door into the road without looking and you have to swerve, give them a stern – but polite – piece of your mind. They’re less likely not to think next time. This applies to follies by other cyclists and pedestrians.
  9. Do give your bike a once over before you set off – check everything’s secure. I tighten the saddle once a week, loosened by riding rough road surfaces.
  10. Do take care of your chain. A quick spruce up and oil once a week will make it last.


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