10 Don’ts – Advice for London cycling

  1. Don’t start a leisure ride in rush hour – there’re such a thing as Sunday Cyclists, it would seem
  2. Don’t risk it – if the gap in traffic is too slight or the lights are on amber, it’s not worth risking yours and others’ safety for a few seconds
  3. Don’t overload you pannier bags or basket – any gust of wind or swerve risks knocking you into another’s path if you do
  4. Don’t pull over the white line – at lights or junctions: you can be fined by the police for this
  5. Don’t always take the same route – it’s a big old city with a range of routes: variation is key!
  6. Don’t jump red lights – I’ve said it before, it’s dangerous and selfish
  7. Don’t listen to music – how can you possibly focus properly if one of your senses is entirely shut-off to your surroundings?
  8. Don’t stop suddenly unless unavoidable – remember, you don’t have brake lights to warn the cyclist/car/pedestrian behind you
  9. Don’t forget to service your bike – parts are expensive, so look after the ones you’ve got
  10. Don’t be afraid to stop – just pull over, get your bearings and continue. You’re on a bike, it’s easier than in a car. Too many cyclists panic and do something dangerous like change lanes last minute

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