10 (million) Things a Cyclist Must Look Out For

A fellow commuter and I recently discussed a major cycling gripe: the seemingly endless list of things a cyclist has to be aware of, look out for, predict, deal with and bear in mind.

We started the below list. Can you think of more?


  • Bike lane ending, suddenly with no explanation
  • Bike lane ending in a curb (and not the dropped type)
  • Bike lane suddenly becoming a bus stop, often involving a line of stationery buses
  • Buses
  • Potholes (which like to appear suddenly, without prior warning and preferably when there’s no safe opportunity to swerve)
  • Potholes filled with stones or puddles (of varying depths)
  • Manhole covers
  • Gravel – there seems to be a lot of this at the moment
  • Glass
  • Horse crap. Seriously? My bike lane is now also a toilet? Cars can drive over it with ease but for a bike equine turd is a pretty hefty climb.
  • Drivers pulling into and/or parking in bike lanes
  • Other cyclists appearing, apparently from nowhere
  • Other cyclists suddenly stopping, without warning
  • Other cyclists + rain + other cyclist’s lack of mudguards = filthy following cyclist unless at least 5m behind
  • Very slow moving cyclists
  • Motorcyclists who have forgotten that undertaking is illegal and that cycle lanes aren’t actually designed for them
  • Car doors
  • Cars parked at a 45° angle (how is this even possible?)
  • Sudden reversing of any vehicle
  • Animals dashing out into your path: pigeons (live and dead), cats, dogs
  • Children
  • Adults
  • Traffic lights
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Zebra crossings
  • Pedestrians crossing the road in that way where they step first, then look
  • Pedestrians crossing the road in that way where they step first, then look, only they’re also pushing a pram, right into the road
  • Anything turning left
  • Your turning


More suggestions? Add them to the comments below…


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