Point of Contention…

….pedestrians: zebra crossings are a privilege, not a right (and I’m going to start shouting at you if you insist on continuing to forget this). Traffic (yes, this extends to cyclists) is only obliged to stop at these crossings if it is safe to do so – i.e. they see you well in advance and aren’t 3mm from your feet. Don’t step out and expect an unsuspecting cyclist to come to a screeching halt and risk throwing themselves over the handlebars – that’s just unreasonable.

Cyclists also, please do remember that rule, if you can’t slow down and then stop safely, don’t risk a pile-up behind you.


p.s. Just a brief reminder to certain cyclists that zebra crossings are pedestrian crossings: that means you use them on foot. I’m not going to stop for you if you ride across. And I may shout. You have been warned.

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