Get yourself a pair…or 5 – Handy Specs for All Weather

I shall soon be the happy owner of these cycling glasses, as sold on, a shop recommended by the London Cyclist – a fantastic site providing a highly recommended weekly roundup.

The necessity for glasses, or protection-from-all-the-airbourne-crap-hurtling-towards-your-eyeballs (as I like to think of them) is severely underestimated by most cyclists. Merrily we wear our tinted lenses to prevent glare and sun-blindness but when the nights start getting shorter and the leaves start falling, how’re you going to keep your precious site protected but also seeing?

These glasses come with 5 interchangeable lenses allowing for most (I go so far as to suggest all) weather types and light levels.

Keep riding through the winter gloom and rain (honestly, still preferable to a wet, smelly and very breezy tube) and get hold of some interchangeable-lens specs.

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