Get Thee to this Bike Shop – Perlie Rides

If you are a cyclist (casual, dedicated, or otherwise) and live in East London, then you really should use the guys at Perlie Rides for maintenance, advice and tune-ups. Even for the odd purchase.

I was fortunate enough to stumble across their name online and took my bike in for a tune up. All the work was completed as soon as I walked through the door and they were significantly (I’m talking 40-50% cheaper) than most other bike workshops I’ve checked out across a lot of London.

Reasons I recommend them but will also go back?:

  • Excellent customer service is 100% true. They talked me through what they were doing (without the sales rep, patronising or mysterious added-extras) and what they’d recommend for the future. Incredibly friendly, very approachable and quick.
  • The price is right. A bike is like any vehicle – it’ll need servicing and the price tots up. Good value should always be sought.
  • Local business. Local businesses need supporting and can’t afford to advertise as widely – they rely on good service leading to word-of-mouth.
  • Waiting sofa – OK, not exactly essential but it was nice to be able to sit down whilst the work was completed.
  • No pressure to buy – I asked for some advice on some products and was given an honest opinion. There was never any pressure to add it to the day’s tab.
  • Talked me through the work – I like to learn by example and told them as much. They showed me, now I know how to in the future. Didn’t get the hands-on-the-hips well…it’s going to be more than you thought…routine.


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