Top 5 Most Frustrating Things about Cycling in Any City

In any order, here goes…


  1. Just reaching that satisfying in-the-[car]jet stream-cruising speed only to see the lights changing to amber. Junction’s far to justify continuing, really annoying to have to start all over.
  2. Being cut up by a bus/taxi as they pull in to drop off/pick up passengers*
  3. Riding through all the potholes because the traffic won’t let you pull out a bit further from the damned gutter
  4. Sitting waiting behind the black smoke of some driver’s dodgy exhaust. Oh, and driver won’t pull up a bit further to let you get in front.
  5. Riding into a lake-sized puddle because you didn’t see in enough time to pull around into the flow of traffic


*Shout out here deserved by the awesome taxi driver who both indicated AND let me pass before pulling in behind me to let his passengers out. I called out a “thank you” and he pulled alongside me further down the road and thanked me for thanking him, musing over how much nicer the world would be if we were all courteous like that!

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