Summer Cycle Checklist

Fellow readers I have once again neglected you for too long. Despite them saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder I shall try not to become too busy and neglectful again.

Well, isn’t it hot (you’ve probably noticed)?! In what to ride when the heat is high but the clouds are looming? There are very few outfits that feel truly breathable when the air’s closer than a commuter coach cutting into your bike lane.

A few things to remember when the summer heat is high:

  • Water – sounds obvious but so many people don’t remember a bottle. If you become dehydrated on a ride you’ll not only have a terrible time but you run the risk of heat stroke.
  • Sunblock – again, might sound obvious but cyclists forget. In all likelihood as a cyclist in the summer sun, you’ll have bare arms and legs. Lather them, uncovered parts of your face (cheeks, ears, nose), shoulders, and ladies, if any part of your chest or back is uncovered, with anything SPF 20+. And REAPPLY. Don’t run the risk of skin cancer.
  • Sunglasses – get a pair that minimise glare and sit comfortably under you helmet.
  • Lightweight waterproof – every cyclist needs one for those flash-flood-type rain showers. Leave it in your backpack, pannier bag or basket and feel smug when it starts to pour.
  • Tissues – good for mopping a brow, cleaning melted tarmac from your wheel rims and for hayfever dribbles.



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