On the Cheap

If I’ve learned anything from the frustrations of trying to equip and accessorise one’s bike economically, it’s that in every situation where I went to buy gear, I should have taken my bike along.

Today I went to purchase a new pannier rack and needed one that wasn’t going to set me back more than £25. I went to Decathlon. Now, the Decathlon in question was a 45 minute tube ride (3 changes) and a 30 minute walk away from my house thus I was investing the majority of my Saturday in trekking to it. Thinking I’d have a break from long-distance city rides on my weekend I decided to do it this way in lieu of riding. What a mistake.

-My living room floor is now littered with nuts, bolts (neither of which are in sufficient quantity), my hands caked in oil and a heatedly abandoned pile of pannier rack that doesn’t fit my bike, despite the page full of accurate measurements I’d taken with me to the store, the conversation in which the kindly staff promised me it’d fit no problem, and the 30 minutes dithering over which rack would best suit my requirements.


Don’t be as foolish as I, take your bike along whenever acquiring anything that will need to be fitted to the frame!


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