Spring/Summer Riding – 5 things to think

Season transitions are perhaps best appreciated on a bike. Remember these 5 things to get the most out of the Spring-Summer shift in London.


  1. Children on bike rides: often new to road riding, young and old can be enthusiastic and oblivious. Give them a wide berth.
  2. Melting tarmac: this happens surprisingly often on days above 25˚. Don’t ruin your tyres, gears or footwear by riding through or stepping into it at a stop.
  3. Seasonal commuters: they emerge bleary-eyed and used the disengagement of the tube. Beware their creaky frames and weaving ways until they’ve re-seasoned.
  4. Coaches: Spring into summer is holiday season and the roads are suddenly filled with continental coaches. Remember they have to board road-side and give them a bit of space. Also if you can’t see their mirrors, they can’t see you. Space is key.
  5. April/May/June/July (it’s England, you get the picture) showers: keep a lightweight waterproof handy. It might be shorts weather but there’s nothing worse than getting caught in a 5-minute downpour.

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