Take a Ride on the Wild[life] Side

It’s reasonable to assume that some cyclists do so with the comfort that they are not contributing any further to pollution and subsequent climate change. There are many ways that everyday citizens can get involved in monitoring and hopefully slowing down climate change and being bicycle mounted in London lends an ideal opportunity.

The Natural History Museum is currently running a couple of surveys asking people to notice, identity and record urban plants to track the effects of climate change.

  1. You may have noticed on your rides that Bluebells have been popping up all over the place in recent weeks with many of them in urban areas. Read more and record your sightings here.
  2. Urban tree survey is another – records of which trees are growing where in urban Britain is immensely helpful for a whole range of scientific research. Read more and record here.
  3. NHM in collaboration with the RSPB run BirdTrack annually – harder to take note during your commute but a lovely weekend activity getting the whole family on their bikes.

Take some further pleasure in your riding time to notice the nature thriving even in the heart of the metropolis.





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