Victoria Embankment

Wanting to ride alongside the river but not up for dodging tourists? The Victoria Embankment is a surprisingly pleasant and easy way to take in the Thames, the big tourist destinations of London (you’ll ride past Westminster) with some quiet pubs and cafes just a 3-minute detour off the track along the way.

Downsides –

  • Pollution isn’t pleasant. This is a constantly busy road and after riding through the fumes for 20 minutes your lungs may start to beg for mercy.
  • Lots of coaches. Just keep an eye out as most of them are holidaying coaches from Europe, not all used to looking out for cyclist. Also a busy road for taxis (and we know how they seem to adore London cyclists).

Upsides –

  • Cycle path for most of the way. Also, it’s a dual-lane road with plenty of space for other traffic to pass you / for you to ride alongside a companion.
  • You can actually see the Thames and sites. The road is slightly elevated giving you a decent view.
  • It’s easy to pull over or off. There are frequent side roads, lots of dropped curbs and a fair few slip roads if you want to make a brief stop or detour.

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