Sunday Service

Sunday afternoons lend the perfect time to give your bike a once-over. Riding on London’s roads can leave your bike pretty filthy and even gritty so a quick wipe-down and essentials service once a week is advisable.

At the very least make sure you:

  • Give a drop of oil to each link of your chain.
    • Then run up and down your gears (if applicable), taking it through the whole system.
  • Wipe off your brake pads.
    • These pick up grit, dirt and moisture and will wear down fairly quickly if you don’t look after them. They will also screech like a banshee every time you brake if unclean.
  • Wipe down and dry your wheel rims.
    • These will last you years (mine are on 14) if you make sure they’re not getting damaged by dirty brake pads or dirt collected on the rims.

A friend of mine then always takes his bike for a quick spin – just round the block will do. This makes sure you’re reattached everything properly, the oil runs through the gears and chain and your bike’s in working order before you take it out for longer.


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