How to Use the Topeak® Joe Blow™ Sport Pump

Once you stop struggling, this pump is immensely easy to use and is excellent. Before you know how to do it, using this pump is immensely frustrating.

  • Works for Schrader and Presta valves
  • Moveable gauge to help identify your tyres’ PSI needs as you pump
  • To operate (relevant for all TwinHead™ pumps):
  1. Attach. Literally just pop it into/over your valve. Don’t press, screw or force
  2. Immediately flip the lever in the opposite direction to the valve head you’re using (i.e. Schrader, move to Presta. Presta, move to Schrader)
  3. Start pumping

Here’s a link to their site with images and here‘s a video.

If I’d realised quite how many forums were dedicated to cyclists struggling to use what it transpires is a very simple pump I wouldn’t have felt so downhearted at my failed attempts (and total tyre deflation).

Joe Blow Pump. Courtesy of
Joe Blow Pump. Courtesy of

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