Word of Warning

Word of Warning: Clerkenwell Road‘s surface is dreadful.

  • Westbound (i.e. uphill) the road surface is cracked, potholed and undulated.
  • Eastbound (downhill) most of the drains and manhole covers have sunk well into the road surface creating a horribly bumpy and rather painful ride.

Also, look out for the two zebra crossings. This road has a lot of pedestrians and few of them are looking before they step out. If you’re weaving for a more comfortable ride then you’ll be less alert too.

3 thoughts on “Word of Warning

    1. Honestly, I’m not sure why our roads are in such a poor state. The only place in Europe I’ve cycled that was comparable for poor road quality was the Czech Republic – in the countryside there. It seems that we just don’t invest enough in proper road maintenance in any major UK city.

      Having said that, London is particularly bad which is mostly down to the sheer volume of mid-heavy weight traffic driving through its centre every day. We also don’t really go in for bike lanes but this is meant to be changing…with some peculiar ideas suggested.

      The British countryside is a wonderful place to cycle, however, and our canals boast some lovely routes too (if you’re going to ride the canals you’re strictly supposed to download and print a “cycling permit”). Riding in most small towns around the UK is thoroughly enjoyable and cities are getting better as pedestrians and drivers get used to sharing the roads. It’s a gradual process!

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