Riding in the Rain

It’s been a little damp of late and riding in the rain is never the most enjoyable.

In London – there are a lot of potholes. With thousands of people driving over its roads everyday and hundreds of buses warping the road surfaces, cycling in the rain in London can be unpleasant. These road ravines fill up will litres of filthy rainwater, drenching the feet, legs and often back of any unsuspecting/unobservant cyclist.

Yesterday I got fairly soggy commuting. My top half stayed bone dry thanks to my new waterproof (courtesy of Decathlon‘s sale) but my face, legs, feet and rucksack were sodden. Granted, I need to replace my long-absent mudguards and that would help immensely but the entire scenario was unaided by 2 secondary factors: the bloke in the green trousers and the road conditions.

Said bloke rode at a series of variable speeds making it completely impossible to predict or remain at a constant safe distance behind him. Riding with headphones on probably made him blissfully unaware and most likely accounted for some of his last-minute swerving required to avoid bike-van collision. On top of this he rode, without mudguards, through every single puddle and pothole well, intermittently spraying my unfortunate self with surprising accuracy.

Now, this cannot have been a pleasant ride for him. His grass green attire was coated in murky rainwater all up the insides of his legs. Needless to say it was not a joyous experience for me either. Please, if you’re going to ride in the rain, be aware of who you’re splashing. No-one likes being drenched by an inconsiderate bus pulling up in a puddle and cyclists don’t need any more of a spray-down than they’re already getting.

Rain Riding
Rain Riding

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